Number Cakes

I started by baking two cakes, one rectangle and one square.  I then designed and cut a template to be used in carving the numbers. Here is the one for the '0'.

After carving the numbers I covered the cakes with buttercream icing to hold any crumbs and also form an adhesive for the fondant covering.

The next step was to cover the cakes with fondant. I coloured the fondant using the marbling technique.   For the '7' I cut the fondant in strips according to the measurements on the sides and the top. I then proceeded to cover the cake.

I made some fondant and gumpaste pearls (50/50) and used them as a border for both numbers.  The lettering on the '7' was done with cutters but that on the '0' was freehand.  I brushed the letters with gold dust mixed with gin.  The final stage was to add some royal icing flowers and fondant leaves.

All the best!

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